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A Travelers’ Guide to Enjoy Borobudur Day Tour

There is nothing better than spending time to visit one of world heritage sites. Borobudur, the phenomenal Budha Temple is a good spot to enjoy from the historical heritage to delicious culinary options.

We are pretty sure that most people on earth know about Borobudur temple. It is one of tourist destination object that is quite popular, even travelers from many countries in the worldwide are visiting this site. Borobudur is basically a Budha temple, located in Borobudur, Magelang – Central Java. Although its location is in Magelang district, usually it is included in many Jogja tour packages. It is because the location is not too far from Jogja.

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If you have a plan to visit Jogja and decide to join Borobudur tour, here is our guide to complete you.


There should be no problem at all for you to visit Borobudur since the location is about 100 km southwest Semarang. It is also about 86 km southwest Surakarta as well as 40 km of northwest Jogja.

The Design

Spending your time to join borobudur day tour wouldn’t make you disappointed at all especially if you love history and cultural side. Some historians mentioned that the temple with the stupa-shaped design was built by the believer of Budha Mahayana which was about 800 of Christian. At that time, the people were under the rule of Wangsa Syailendra. Wikipedia mentioned that the Borobudur monument has six square-shaped terraces and at the top there are three round yards while the part of the wall are designed with 2.600 relief panels as well as 504 Budha statues. The main stupa is the biggest one placed in the center of it and at the same time, it completes this exotic temple with three round lines and 72 perforated stupas where inside you can find Budha statue, sitting cross-legged in Dharmachakra Mudra, the sign to turn the wheel of dharma.

The monument is a sanctum to honor Budha and at the same time it is the place for pilgrimage. It means to guide all people move from their ambition to reach their wisdom in accordance with the lessons in Budha.

The Restoration History

Based on all evidences given by historians, the Borobudur temple was left in 14th century. It was because the weakening of the influence from Hindu’s and Budha’s empire in Java Island. At the same time, Islam entered the island. World knew about the presence of this temple after it was found by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1814. He was the governor of English general in Java Island. After that, the temple received some rescue attempts and restorations. The biggest restoration was during 1975 until 1982. Indonesian government together with UNESCO supported the restoration and then it was included as one of world heritage sites.

 Up to now, it is still available to enjoy Borobudur tour as the religious pilgrimage. Each year, many believers of Budha come out from all sides of the world to commemorate the Vesak. We can say that Borobudur temple is one of tourism objects in this country that most people love to visit.

Borobudur Tour and Travel Tips

Borobudur day tour is more than just to know more about the historical heritage. But, you can even enjoy some interesting objects with many activities to do. Here is our guide to help you enjoying your time during your visit to Borobudur.

  1. Riding an elephant in Borobudur

If you get bored about looking here and there, or if you are tired of taking some selfie, it is recommended for you to go around to enjoy the beautiful view of village, paddy field and also river by riding an elephant. This activity can be done by joining Safari Gajah Borobudur. They allow you to ride around and enjoy the time where the people around Borobudur do their activity. Plus, you can enjoy fresh air.

  1. Biking time around Borobudur

Even you can enjoy the beauty of paddy field especially in the morning or in the afternoon by biking. It can be a solution for you who want to have a unique experience to complete your holiday. In the afternoon, you can also start biking from Borobudur Temple to Pawon Temple and Mendut Temple. Your next destination can be by following Chanting ritual located in Mendut Temple.  In the afternoon, you can rent a bike in the temple area and then visit Kapal Samudra Raksa and Karma Wibhangga Museum.

  1. Visiting Borobudur rural area

Bodobudur Temple is surrounded by rural area with beautiful natural view and fresh air. You can find many villages near Borobudur that will give you a unique look to complete your travelling time. You can visit Klipoh village to see and even learn about any types of potteries. Or, you can visit Jowahan Village to see old Joglo which has been there for more than a century. You can walk around the villages near Borobudur by foot, by horse cart or biking.

  1. Riding “Kereta Kelinci” with family

Get a sensational experience to complete your holiday by riding “Kereta Kelinci” with your family. It gives impressive holiday time especially if you visit Borobudur with your lovely kids. “Kereta Kelinci” is also known as trackless train. Kids will love the time to travel around instead of walking.

  1. Enjoy the culinary

Indonesian food is always tasteful, yummy and delicious. If you cannot believe it, try to challenge yourself by tasting any culinary menus around Borobudur Temple. There are a lot of options you can go with, but we recommend you to try Bakmi Jawa. It is a legendary menu and it is a popular option because the delicious taste. Even you can try yourself to taste “Tongseng Jamur” that you can find in Balaputradewa street. It is a healthy food that can low your cholesterol down.

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  1. Enjoy the sunshine in Borobudur Temple

The next thing you can do is enjoy the sunshine in Borobudur Temple. It can be an impressive experience. There are two best spots to enjoy the sunrise. The first is at the peak of the temple. You can feel the warmth with the silence atmosphere and fresh air, what a great combination! The second spot is at the top of Punthuk Setumbu Hill which makes you to walk across the woods and green fields.So, are you ready to start your Borobudur day tour? To visit, we recommend you to bring your best partner!

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